Joshua Fontaine

B.A.: University of British Columbia–Okanagan

Supervisor: Dr. George Nicholas


Since 2013 I have worked as a consulting archaeologist in northeastern and interior British Columbia, and have worked with the Lil’wat First Nation on a Traditional Land Use Study in 2014. My research interests include subsistence activities of the Indigenous peoples of British Columbia, specifically collecting, and gathering of plant, riverine, and marine foods; the archaeology of wetlands; and the study of the effects of human activity (both in the past and present) on the landscape, and how these changes can be understood over time. I am also fascinated with Mesoamerican and South American archaeology, specifically the Andean region of Peru and Bolivia.   

I am working with the Neskonlith Band near Salmon Arm, BC, on a floodplain and delta on Shuswap Lake. My proposed MA research will investigate what archaeology and Traditional Knowledge can tell us about past and present land use on the Salmon River, and Shuswap Lake. I am looking for evidence of environmental change and degradation in this area, and how traditional activities were impacted. Finally, I am interested in investigating what other factors impacted the decline of Indigenous fisheries, and other traditional activities on the Salmon River – as well as what activities persisted, and how they are practiced today.


Chichen Itza

Josh in the field

At Ollyantaytambo