Erin Hogg

M.A.: Simon Fraser University 2014

B.A. Hons.: University of British Columbia 2012 

Supervisor: Dr. John Welch  

Research Areas: Education, Community-based participatory research, Heritage Policy and Practice, Heritage Resource Management, Indigenous Archaeology, Postcolonial Archaeologies, Northwest Coast Archaeology

Research Interest:

I am interested in the intersection of postcolonial archaeologies, heritage resource management, and policy and ethics. I think that heritage resource management is transforming the archaeological discipline and that further study needs to be taken to understand its full potential, especially in relation to heritage policy and legislation.  My Master’s research examined how archaeologists and communities, especially First Nations, are working together. I identified that this process of working together, or community engagement, currently occurs despite the absence of heritage policy explicitly encouraging such collaborations. Instead, archaeologists must determine by trial and error how to best engage with communities. For my Ph.D. I plan to study the scope of policy in British Columbia archaeology and determine what stakeholders are designing policy and benefiting from its practice. 

Ph.D. Research:

My Ph.D. research will use British Columbia as a case study for worldwide heritage policy issues. I plan to determine the historical and current heritage policy drivers and practice beneficiaries, using practice, or how policy is used and interpreted, as a gauge to determine heritage policy implementation. To study this topic I will address three research questions: 1) what are stakeholder interests in heritage policy; 2) how has de jure heritage policy evolved in British Columbia; and 3) how are stakeholders benefiting from heritage practice, the de facto enactment of heritage policy?

M.A. Thesis:

Community Engagement in British Columbia Archaeology


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Conference Presentations:

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