Julia Jackley



M.A.: SFU (April 2012)

B.A.: University of Oregon 2008 (Cum Laude)

Supervisor: Dr. Dana Lepofsky

Research Areas: Northwest Coast archaeology, cultural landscapes, oral history and traditional knowledge           

M.A. Research:

I am working with the Tla’amin First Nation on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. As part of a collaborative Tla’amin-SFU team, I am reconstructing the history of Kleh Kwa Num (Scuttle Bay), an important Tla’amin landscape. I compile archaeological data with traditional knowledge, ethnographic texts, and historic documents to demonstrate the continuity of land use for over 3,500 years. By focusing on the landscape, rather than on the archaeological sites within it, I am better able to connect broader cultural events with specific activities documented at Kleh Kwa Num. I am also able to examine how the landscape was used and modified by people, as well as to begin to understand the continued cultural connections to this place.

MA Thesis: Weaving the Histories of Kleh Kwa Num: A Tla’amin Community in Southwest British Columbia


2010    (Jackley, Julia, Dana Lepofsky, John R. Welch, Megan Caldwell, Chris Springer, Morgan Ritchie, Craig Rust, and Michelle Washington). Tla’amin-SFU Archaeology Heritage Program 2009. The Midden 41(4): 5-7.

Conference Presentations:

2011 (Jackley, Julia) Weaving the Histories of Kleh Kwa Num. BC Archaeology Forum. Twentieth British Columbia Archaeology Forum. Squamish, British Columbia.