Julia Jackley


M.A.: 2012, Simon Fraser University

B.A.: 2008, University of Oregon (Cum Laude)

Supervisor: Dr. Dana Lepofsky

Research Areas: Northwest Coast landscape and settlement archaeology, cultural landscapes, traditional ecological knowledge, traditional management systems, resilience thinking     

Ph.D. Research:

My PhD research is part of the Mountain Top to Ocean Floor Project, a collaborative undertaking by the Heiltsuk First Nation, Simon Fraser University, and University of Victoria that seeks to document and explore the unique cultural and ecological history of Hauyat, a landscape in Heiltsuk traditional territory on the Central Coast of British Columbia. Over the millennia Hauyat has been transformed by a complex web of relationships between people, plants, animals, and ecosystems. The rich and deep history of this place is known through Heiltsuk oral history and is also reflected in the number and diversity of archaeological sites and eco-cultural features. Ranging from the lower intertidal to the subalpine, the landscape has been modified to include clam gardens, fish traps, root gardens, berry patches, orchards, settlements, rock art, and defensive sites. These features are suggestive of long-term resource management systems that likely worked together to provide food, materials, and medicines for past communities. 

M.A. Research:

My M.A. research is a reconstruction of the history of Klehkwahnnohm, a landscape within Tla’amin traditional territory on the Sunshine Coast of B.C. The events and lives lived on the land are illuminated through archaeology, oral history, ethnographic texts, and historical documents. These sources provide insight to different periods of time and together reveal a continued use of and connection to the landscape beginning around 2,000 years ago. The connections to the landscape are best represented through plank house and settlement construction (~2,000 B.P- 250 B.P), use of a defensive feature (800 B.P-1910 A.D), and the processing of herring (800 B.P-1950 A.D). The history of Klehkwahnnohm is written chronologically and from a landscape perspective. This approach highlights the connections between people, resources, places, and events that have imprinted the land to create the Klehkwahnnohm landscape and shape its history.

MA Thesis: Weaving the Histories of Klehkwahnnohm: A Tla’amin Community in Southwest British Columbia


2014 (Jackley, Julia, Lindsay Gardner, Audrey Djunaedi, Anne Salomon). Ancient Clam Gardens, Traditional Management Portfolios, and the Resilience of Coupled Human-Ocean Systems. Accepted for publication, Ecology and Society.

2010 (Jackley, Julia, Dana Lepofsky, John R. Welch, Megan Caldwell, Chris Springer, Morgan Ritchie, Craig Rust, and Michelle Washington). Tla’amin-SFU Archaeology Heritage Program 2009. The Midden 41(4): 5-7.

Conference Presentations:

2014 (Jackley, Julia, Dana Lepofsky, Jennifer Carpenter, Nancy Turner) “Mountain Top to Ocean Floor: The Eco-cultural History of Hauyat” (poster), 37th Annual Society of Ethnobiology Meeting, Cherokee, North Carolina

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