Teresa Matheson

Email: tam5@sfu.ca

B.A.: Simon Fraser University 2015

Others Credentials: BSc. Kinesiology Simon Fraser University 1997


Supervisor: Dr. Francesco Berna           

Research Areas: Geoarchaeology, Northwest Coast Archaeology, Paleoecology


Research Interest:  

Geoarchaeology, Soil Micromorphology, Residue Analysis, aDNA

M.A. Research:

My MA research is using soil micromorphology to understand the depositional and post-depositional processes of a shell midden located on Calvert Island on the Central Coast of British Columbia. In the process of analyzing our samples we intend to look for the presence of ancient DNA as well as conduct residue analyses to further understand the use and formation of shell middens. 


SFU Field School Don and Lion Islands, BC