Cameron Pollock

B.A.: Archaeology, SFU, 2016

Supervisor: Dr. Rudy Reimer/Yumks


Research Areas:

XRF Analysis, Lithic Raw Material Acquisition, BC Archaeology, Exchange.


My strong interest in history and a desire to engage with it in a more hands-on fashion led me to archaeology, where I became specifically interested in BC archaeology, as well as historical archaeology in general. My emerging interest in protecting the past is pointing me towards involvement in BC Heritage Law.

M.A. Research:

I am working with Dr. Reimer on a project to determine the elemental composition of the high-quality dacite that occurs in large quantities in the Arrowstone Hills west of Kamloops, and to compare archaeological lithic artifacts to that data to establish a baseline for the geospatial distribution of the material across the BC Plateau, Sub-Arctic, and Northwest Coast.

Other Activities:

I enjoy the outdoors very much, and spend as much time in it as I can by hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting. I also brew beer, and try to do as much woodworking as I can.

Fieldwork Images: