Antonia Rodrigues


M.A.: Archaeology, Simon Fraser University, 2012

B.Sc.(Hons): Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser University, 2010

Personal Website:    

Supervisor: Dongya Yang, Dana Lepofsky

Research Areas: ancient DNA, applied zooarchaeology, molecular environmental archaeology, historical ecology, wildlife forensics

Ph.D. Research:

My research will use ancient DNA (aDNA) techniques to reconstruct changes in population structure and growth of archaeologically important faunal species over time, as well as investigate whether those changes correspond with changes in human behaviour such as subsistence practices. My Ph.D. will involve at least two projects: one that examines muskox and caribou remains from Banks Island, NWT and the other looking at rockfish in the Northeast Pacific. I hope my research will demonstrate the contributions aDNA can make to environmental archaeology, as well as emphasize how aDNA techniques can be used to help reconstruct paleoenvironments, identify the long-term effects of over-hunting and provide meaningful data that can be applied to both archaeological questions and contemporary environmental issues.

M.A. Thesis:

Experimental Investigation into the Preservation and Recovery of Degraded DNA from Archaeological Sediments



Field/Research Photos:


Forensic DNA Lab, Centre for Forensic Research, SFU.

Luxvbalis, EjTa-4, Calvert Island.