MA Program

Master of Arts (Heritage Resource Management)

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Graduate Certificate (Heritage Resource Management)

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This program consists of these sequential steps: course requirements, thesis prospectus, colloquium presentation, advancement to candidacy, and thesis completion and defence. Students are expected to complete all MA program requirements in a maximum of nine terms of full-time enrollment.

Course Requirements

Students complete a minimum of three graduate courses including ARCH 871 and 876, and a thesis. They may be required to take additional courses and must take ARCH 872/873 each term that it is offered. ARCH 873 credit is not part of the normal MA requirement. ARCH 872 and 873 grading will be satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U). Course requirements, thesis prospectus and colloquium presentation should be completed by full-time students by the end of the second term.

Advancement to Candidacy

Advancement to candidacy requirements follow.

  • completion of two of the minimum three graduate courses.
  • preparation of thesis prospectus. The prospectus discusses the proposed research and general background relevant to the research and is submitted to the supervisory committee and approved before step 3 is undertaken.
  • after approval of the thesis prospectus, and after consultation between the student and his/her supervisory committee, the student will present a colloquium, the topic of which shall be the substance of the prospectus.
  • The colloquium is not considered a defence of the prospectus per se, but is a means whereby the student may benefit from the department’s expertise.


After the above, students advance to candidacy and complete and defend the thesis. The defence topic should be the thesis itself and related matters. It should be focussed on problem-oriented research, involving the conceptualization of a problem, and the collection, analysis and interpretation of data. It should not normally exceed 100 pages of text. Students are expected to complete the MA thesis in a maximum of six terms of full-time enrollment.

Graduate Handbook