PhD Dissertations: Stanley Arthur Copp, 2006

Similkameen Archaeology (1993-2004)

This thesis provides the first synthesis of Similkameen First Nations prehistory. It is based upon archaeological overview, inventory and impact assessment projects (1993-2004). Four lines of inquiry are investigated:

  • Predictive Modelling of archaeological resources in order to further goals of modern industry as well as serve First Nations'concerns,
  • Construction of a cultural chronology encompassing 200 to 10,000 years of valley prehistory including definition of a Cascade Horizon (4500–7500 BP),
  • A critical examination of a Thompson-Columbia Plateau Microblade tradition (PMt) and portions of a related Cascade Microblade tradition (CMt), and
  • A discussion of the problem of determining and/or assigning ethnicity to the archaeological record, specifically with regard to protohistoric and pre-contact Similkameen-Athapaskan and Salish-speaking populations.