M.A. Theses: Luisa Jane Beram, 1990

The Capital Regional District Parks: A Case Study in Archaeological Resource Management

This thesis presents a case study in managing archaeological resources in parks. The Capital Regional District Parks Department of Victoria, British Columbia is used as an example.

Issues central to the effective management of archaeological resources in parks are identified and discussed. These include the protection of archaeological resources, the role of archaeological research, and development and presentation of archaeological interpretive programs.

A management strategy is developed for the Capital Regional District Parks Department which considers, besides the important management issues, the administrative structure and decision-making process of the department. The strategy consists of the following four steps: 1) resource identification and documentation; 2) the formulation of management recommendations; 3) the development of archaeological interpretive programs; and 4) staff training. Although developed and applied to the Capital Regional District Parks Department, this strategy is seen as a framework which can be useful in managing archaeological resources by other parks departments.