M.A. Theses: Barbara Jean Bussey, 1977

The Comparison of Lithics at Three Sites in the East Kootenay Area of British Columbia

Archaeological investigations at 3 sites in the Kootenay River Valley southeast of Cranbrook, B.C., provided the data for analysis. This thesis describes the lithic material and its known sources and studies the proportions of each lithic type per excavation unit and where possible, per level. Tool attributes are described through a classification scheme that can be readily modified as more research is completed in the area. Typological cross-dating is proposed with adjacent areas.

Continued occupation (seasonally at least) of DhPt 10B during the late prehistoric period is suggested by point typologies and there is evidence of sporadic occupation or use during the middle prehistoric at all sites. The analysis has shown an increase in the use of a non-locally available lithic material during the occupation of DhPt 10B. The hypothesis that the 3 sites were utilized for differing exploitive and occupational purposes has been supported in this study. The analysis has also indicated the territory over which the prehistoric occupants traded/traveled to obtain raw materials. Several ethnographic and archaeological problems are discussed in the light of the information revealed through this lithic analysis.