M.A. Theses: Stanley Arthur Copp, 1980

Archaeological Excavations at the McCall Site, South Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Archaeological materials from the McCall site (DhQv 48) in the south Okanagan valley in British Columbia are described and analyzed in this thesis, and placed in the local cultural sequence. Evidences of two prehistoric occupations were uncovered, and details of the subsistence methods and technology of each are described and compared with other prehistoric occupations in the region. Theses comparisons reveal many shared material traits in local cultural sequences across the Plateau culture area, and result in refinement of the local sequence. The two occupations at the McCall site are placed within the Chilliwist phase (3000-900 years B.P.) of the established Okanagan chronology. Comparisons of all components of this phase indicates the following sequence of subphases: subphase I (3000-2400 years B.P.); subphase II (2400-1800 years B.P.); and subphase III (1800-900 years B.P.).