M.A. Theses: Gordon Mohs, 1987

Spiritual Sites Ethnic Significance and Native Spirituality: The Heritage and Heritage Sites of the Sto:lo Indians of British Columbia

This thesis describes places held sacred to the Sto:lo Indians of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. It provides a framework within which sites of this nature can be described, classified and studied and examines these sites in light of modern issues in archaeology. Current resource management legislation is evaluated to determine its effectiveness in affording protection to these sites and in addressing native heritage concerns.

This thesis also describes the Sto:lo people and their heritage within ethnographic, archaeological and modern contexts. It includes a discussion of native heritage values and questions several existing ethnographic interpretations. A primary objective in presenting this thesis is to familiarize the archaeological community with a little known or understood category of sites that figure prominently in the culture history of the Sto:lo Indians of British Columbia.