M.A. Theses: Pamela Montgomery, 1978

Stone Artifacts From the Punchaw Lake Site (Area C) : A Late Prehistoric Occupation in Central British Columbia.

This thesis is an analysis of 6971 stone artifacts excavated from one area of the Punchaw Lake Site (FiRs:1) in Central British Columbia.

Following the decision model (Bonnichsen 1974) or artifact life history approach, lithic artifacts are examined in terms of raw material, technology, form, and function, with a separate typology created for each category. Seven raw material are identified and an attempt is made to trace their sources. On the basis of preliminary replication experiments using basalt, several technological stages are identified. A detailed formal typology is presented for formed tools and some inferences of tool use are based on macromorphology, microscopic analysis, and ethnographic analogy.

Analysis of the site matrix and artifact distributions support the conclusion that the excavated area represents a long series of seasonal occupations. Three C-14 dates and typological comparison with other plateau assemblages place the occupation between 1510±100 B.P. and 240±150 B.P. Strong cultural continuity throughout the occupation is observed.