M.A. Theses: Cameron Pollock, 2018

In Pursuit of the Quarry: Exploring Lithic Exchange on the Interior Plateau of British Columbia


This thesis undertook an exploratory provenance study to map the spatial distribution of lithics from the Arrowstone Hills lithic source across the British Columbia Plateau. Using X-Ray Fluorescence analysis, an elemental signature for this source was generated, against which lithic artifacts from archaeological sites located across the Plateau were compared. The Arrowstone Hills source was also compared to five other lithic sources from across the Plateau and Northwest Coast. It was determined that the Arrowstone Hills source is likely part of a
geological complex that includes at least three other lithic sources that have a similar elemental signature; this thesis has termed that group of sources the Kamloops Fine-Grained Volcaniccomplex. Furthermore, it was determined that lithics from this complex are ubiquitous across the Plateau, and were likely moved through Indigenous exchange networks. Cultural factors such as kin relationships, resource rights, and territorial sovereignty influenced how these networks operated.

Keywords: X-Ray Fluorescence; Fine-Grained Volcanics; Toolstone; Exchange; Canadian Plateau.