M.A. Theses: Jaclyn Pollock (McLeod), 2018

Building Representation: The Development of Barkerville Historic Town & Park’s Chinese Narrative


This thesis examines the long-term effects of multiculturalism on the representation of minority groups in museum interpretations in Canada. This is explored through a case study of Barkerville Historic Town & Park, focusing on the museum’s inclusion of the Chinese narrative through time. It traces the changing interpretations of the Chinese in Barkerville, and explores the social, academic, and political forces that act on museums and museum representation. Overall, the presentation of the Chinese experience at Barkerville developed substantially over the past 60 years. This development has relied on many factors, which are: The research available to advance the Chinese interpretation program; the resources available to complete Chinese projects; interest in the inclusion of a minority narrative, and; limitations associated with time, space, and budget.

Keywords: Barkerville Historic Town & Park; Chinese Canadian; Multiculturalism; Museum Representation; Minority Narratives