M.A. Theses: Lawrence W. Titus, 1981

Hair Identification For the Archaeologist, A Yukon Sample.

The purpose of this study is twofold, namely a study of the uses of hair identification for taxonomic differentiation and to provide a manual for the identification of hair remains recovered from archaeological contexts.

Hair is used by a wide variety of disciplines in attempts to understand the nature and source of animal hair. It is the regular morphological variations of several features of the hair such as the cuticle, medulla, and pigmentation that form the bases for identification schemes. Despite some interspecific overlap of characteristics of the hairs sufficient appreciable differences often exist to permit identification of the animal from which a given sample originated.

The present study is based upon a comparative collection of the hairs of all extant Yukon mammals. The techniques used and the strategy of study employed were chosen to combine simplicity and speed while yielding accurate identifications.