M.A. Theses: Andrew Alexander Trace, 1981

An Examination of the Locarno Beach Phase As Represented at the Crescent Beach site, DgRr 1, British Columbia.

Archaeological materials from excavations undertaken in 1976 and 1977 at the Crescent Beach site (DqRr 1) near the mouth of the Fraser River in British Columbia are described and analyzed, and placed in the local cultural sequence. The artifacts recovered are classified and the resulting types grouped into nine spatially defined artifact assemblages. Comparison of these assemblages to each other shows a high degree of similarity. This fact when combined with the close temporal clustering of the associated C-14 dates indicates that the assemblages all belong to a single cultural component. Comparison of this component with other similarly conceived units from other sites indicates that it belongs to the Locarno Beach Phase of cultural development extant in the lower mainland and in the offshore islands from approximately 1,000 to 500 B.C.