The entire costumed doll collection is handmade and there are two forms of construction; the small ones are made using a wire frame (left) while the medium and larger are stuffed (right). The stuffing appear to be unspun cotton and in at least one instance fine sand. The fabric used for construction of the dolls and their apparel varies, however the majority of the dolls and costumes are constructed of cotton. Other fabrics used include silk, wool or felted wool and one doll wears a fur jacket. Additional material used includes leather for boots and sandals and wool yarn for the hair. Many of the dolls have metal sequins attached by thread through a coil of fine wire. This process will be  detailed later in the paper. There are two sticks held by two of the dolls, one made out of wood and the other some kind of straw. The dolls were hand stitched but the kind of stitches varies in length and type of thread. In some cases, the stitches are delicate and done with fine thread such as in the construction of the dolls themselves. However others like those used in the application of trims found on the dolls costumes seem crude and are made with much coarser thread.