New exhibit - Homo naledi

October 13, 2015

Dr. Marina Elliott (Archaeology, Alumna & Post-Doc) and Mana Dembo (Archaeology, ABD) are part of the team recovering and researching the puzzling new finds from Rising Star Cave in South Africa. Recently, Marina gave the department these 3D prints of the reconstructed skull, hand and foot (centre) of Homo naledi.  We rushed them to exhibit, and they are now in the gallery. Marina says this is 'possibly the first public showing of H. naledi'. 

Note the skull cast is a composite, with the mandible from a larger individual scaled down to fit the smaller cranium of a different individual.
While we do not yet have dates for the H. naledi assemblage, through comparisons with anatomically modern humans and fossil hominins, you can guess at the evolutionary relationships between these species. Compare the H. naledi skull (centre) with Homo sapiens (left) and Australopithecus africanus (right).