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Some Archaeology Press books are still available as hard copies, most of them first editions. All available titles are $30, including shipping (if shipping exceeds $30, books are $5 each, plus the cost of shipping). To order a hard copy, please choose the book through our website (archpress.lib.sfu.ca) and follow the PayPal link. Once payment is received, we will email an invoice and ship your order.

Please contact archpres@sfu.ca if you require assistance.

Archaeology of the Lower Fraser River Region
Toolstone Geography of the Pacific Northwest
Projectile Point Sequences in Northwestern North America
The Pithouses of Keatley Creek
Archaeology of Coastal British Columbia: Essays in Honour of Professor Philip M. Hobler
Prehistoric Mortuary Variability on Gabriola Island, British Columbia
The Ancient Past of Keatley Creek. Volume I: Taphonomy
The Ancient Past of Keatley Creek. Volume II: Socioeconomy
The Prehistoric Use of Nephrite on the Canadian Plateau
Osteometry of Makah and Coast Salish Dogs
Mortuary Variability and Status Differentiation on the Columbia-Fraser Plateau
Integrated Lithic Analysis: The Significance and Function of Key-Shaped Formed Unifaces on the Interior Plateau of North
The Economic Prehistory of Namu
Putu: A Fluted Point Site in Alaska
Tahltan Ethnoarchaeology
Found! Human Remains. A Field Manual for the Recovery of the Recent Human Skeleton
Papers on Central Coast Archaeology
The Belcarra Park Site
Marpole: Anthropological Reconstructions of a Prehistoric Northwest Coast Culture Type
The Archaeology of Kamloops
Studies in Bella Bella Prehistory
Current Research Reports: 14 Detailed Reports on Current Archaeological Research
Settlement Patterns of the Draper and White Sites, 1973 Excavations