Honours Theses

Name Year Title
Matthew Go 2014 The Backbone of Moche Society: Spinal Degenerative Joint Disease and Differentiating Social Stratification at San Jose de More, Peru
Jordan Handley 2014 An Exploratory pXRF Analysis of Non-Vitreous Igneous Artifacts at the Little John Site, Yukon Territory
Aleesha Bakkelund 2013 Analysis of the Chipped Stone Assemblage from the Lithic Workshop at St'ames
Spencer Jamieson 2013 The Goat, the Clay, the Land and the People: A Bioarchaeological Analysis of Gender-Based Activity Patterns at Ganj Dareh Tepe, Iran
Daniel Dick 2013 Behind the Helmet: Analysis of Cranial Trauma in the Remains of a Greek Hoplite, with a Detailed Study on Supraorbital Notch Morphology, and its Potential as an Indicator of Sex
Michael Elvidge 2013 Following the Shore: Using Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (pXRF) to Reconstruct Material and Land-use Strategies in the Stave Watershed, British Columbia
Gabrielle Jackson 2013 The Metabolic Theory of Ecology does not explain variation in gestation duration, lactation duration, and development time in mammals
Jeffrey Nelson 2012 Assessment of Nutritional Deficiency in the Skeletal Assemblage of Seh Gabi
Sarah Brooks
The Meaning Behind the Bone: A Population Analysis of Cribra Orbitalia
Tyrone Hamilton
Visual and Geochemical Analysis of Dacite Lithic Artifacts fromt the Squamish Region
Evan Hardy
Temporal and Regional Patterns of Stature Between the Early Neolithic and Jin Dynasty in China
Katie Hausch
Unauthorized Heritage Site Alteration in British Columbia: Criminal Intent or Ignorance?
Kody Huard 2012 Toki: An Analysis of Tongan Adzes
Chelsey Armstrong 2011 The Tree of Life: Garry oak ecosystems and ancient DNA
Brigit Burbank 2011 Sex Estimation using the Temporal Bone: Review of the Lateral Angle Method
Andrea Logan 2011 Understanding Conflict on the Canadian Plateau: A Study of Intra- and Inter-Group Relations Within and Between Aboriginal Societies in the Pre-Contact and Historic Period
Anna Shoemaker 2011 An archaeobotanical analysis of the role of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) and incense tree (Canarium schweinfurthii) at Bosumpra Cave, Ghana
Tabatha Donaldson 2010 Images of Archaeology in Popular Film
Frederick Foster 2010 A Reassessment of the Application of Bergmann's Rule to Humans
Lisa Marie Dojack 2009
Invertebrate Fauna of a Death Site
Jesse Wentzloff 2009
Inka Roads as Made Work
Sandie Dielissen
Mine, Yours, or Ours? The Intellectual Property of Archaeology in British Columbia
Rebecca Gilmour 2008
Forensic Scatology: A Preliminary Study of Carnivore Scat
Heather Newton 2008
A wolf in dog's clothing: An analysis of canid remains from HP109 at the Keatley Creek Site (EeR1-7)
Laura Campbell Eastman 2007
A Tale of Two Teeth: Examining Linear Enamel Hypoplasia in the Miocene Hominoid Dryopithicus laietanus for Evidence of Paleoseasonality
Heather Kendall 2007
Domestic Ritual in Mesoamerica: An Ethnographic Analysis
Alana Peters 2007
Adaptations to a New World: Indigenous Ceramics in Spanish Historical Contexts in the Circum-Caribbean Region
Sarah Swayze 2007
Studying effects of starvation on bone using canine samples
Jonathan Sheppard 2006
An Analysis of the Final Occupation of Housepit 109 at the Keatley Creek Site (EeR1-7) on the Canadian Plateau
Megan Cameron 2006
Implementing Digital Standards within the Museum Environment
Robyn Ewing 2005
Access in the Changing Museum Environment
Jarin Hutchinson 2005
Suffering with Style: Brothel Archaeology in North America