Smokers out in the cold

January 10, 2008

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SFU’s smokers might want to consider making a new year’s resolution to quit. Beginning April 1st, new provincial regulations affecting public-sector organizations will prohibit smoking in ‘enclosed areas’ such as Convocation Mall, covered walkways and patios, parking garages and transit shelters, as well as within three meters of windows, doors and air intakes. That will leave smokers out in the cold, says K.C. Bell, director, special projects at SFU.

The regulations will also forbid the sale of tobacco anywhere on campus, although they may still be sold by merchants in the Cornerstone Building. While the SFU administration chose not to extend the smoking ban to the entire Burnaby campus, there will be far fewer places to smoke starting in April. ”The government’s new regulations endorse the value of health and wellness,” Bell says, “and recognize the well-established adverse effects of smoking on smokers and those around them.”
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