New Canada Research chairs for REM and health sciences

January 11, 2007

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With the media trumpeting wildly conflicting messages almost daily about climate change and its potential consequences, where can we turn for credible data? To Karen Kohfeld, for starters.

Karen Kohfeld (above) is an earth scientist who uses ocean mud and continental dirt to track global climate changes. The recently appointed Canada Research Chair in climate, resources and global change with SFU's school of resource and environmental management aims to produce solid data on global climate change that will help predict potential global climate scenarios. Before her arrival last August, Kohfeld was an assistant professor at the school of earth and environmental sciences at Queens College, City University of New York. She designs large computer databases that track global dust emissions and analyse ocean sediments to detect changes in ocean productivity over thousands of years. Knowing how the dust distribution varied in the past allows Kohfeld to test predictions of future global climate change.

This September, biostatistican Andrew Lawson, from the University of South Carolina, will join SFU's faculty of health sciences as a Canada Research Chair in spatial biostatistics.

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