Math Girl

Animé cartoon superhero Math Girl has returned to motivate math geeks and non-geeks alike as she summons differential calculus concepts to protect the residents of Calculopolis.

Math girl returns!

January 11, 2007

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In Episode 1: Differentials Attract, our superhero used linear approximation to rescue her pal Pat Thagorus from Square Root X Mountain. This time, in Episode 2: Zero!'s Dis-Continuity, the pair employ continuous function to vanquish Zero!, the Math-Hater, who has created the Sin-T-Over-T rollercoaster to destroy the Twins, Calculopolis ruler Big Math's kids.

The script was written with tongue firmly in cheek by math lecturer and Math Girl creator Veselin Jungic; research associate, illustrator and animator Lou Crockett; and Learning Instructional Development Centre (LIDC) scriptwriter Jesai Jayhmes. The voices are played, with a good dash of ham, by Kwayhquitlum Middle School students Candice and Christopher Borghardt as the Twins; IRMACS Centre executive director Peter Borwein as Big Math; SFU grad Suzanne French as Math Girl; Burnaby North Secondary student Damir Jungic as Pat Thagorus; and business owner and part-time rock band singer Terry Weinns as Zero!

After viewing her adventures, Jungic hopes students unfamiliar with the concepts Math Girl introduces will be more motivated to learn them. “And for those who know them,” he says, “I just hope they enjoy the humour.”

Math Girl has also become something of a multifunctional celebrity. “We've been using her to attract high school students to mathematics and science,” says Jungic. And she's even a minor Internet star, with almost 700 Episode 1 viewers so far on YouTube.

Episode 2 took eight months to produce and was funded by the department of mathematics, the faculty of applied sciences, the faculty of science, IRMACS and LIDC. The group is planning about a dozen more episodes. To view these two episodes, please visit
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