Janna Ashworth

New program in dialogue & negotiation

January 25, 2007

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Name almost any world, national or local conflict and you'll usually hear someone saying the situation needs more dialogue.    

Listening to the arguments and fostering resolution takes specialized skills," says Joanna Ashworth (above), director of SFU's continuing studies dialogue program.

"Our dialogue courses attract participants from all sectors—non-governmental organizations, First Nations, business and labour, government, corporations.

"But many want to learn more about consensus-based decision-making. Our answer is the new diploma in dialogue and negotiation."

The inaugural cohort begins April 15 at SFU's Wosk Centre for Dialogue (application deadline is Feb. 15). The non-credit, post-graduate program for mid-career professionals will teach consensus-based approaches to use in, and between, organizations.

The 120-hour, nine-month program combines online courses with three, three-day intensive sessions taught by university faculty and senior conflict-resolution experts.

For more information please contact 604.268.7925 or dialogue-info@sfu.ca.

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