SFU Business on top

February 7, 2007

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A weekend of business games with nine other western Canadian university teams saw the SFU Business team win the Top School prize in western Canada's largest undergraduate business competition — the annual Jeux de Commerce (Business Games) competition.

The 40-plus students competed in nine academic case-study categories, seven school spirit categories, and debating and sports categories.

In the academic categories, SFU took first prize in both management information systems and international business; second prize in both accounting and human resources, and third prize in entrepreneurship. The team also came first in debating; second in sports and third in school spirit.

SFU Business students are taking such competitions much more seriously than in the past, says student affairs officer Sam Thiara. "We're much more organized in how we tackle these competitions," he notes. "We've created a student business competition association and through it, we manage team selections and faculty advisor selections."

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