New brand to be university standard

February 7, 2007

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The SFU Board of Governors passed the following motion to bring the new logo and tagline into being:      

"That the Board of Governors of Simon Fraser University approve the wordmark and brand developed by Karo Design as the University standard and that all University communications must meet the requirements of the Simon Fraser University Graphic Standards Manual."

That manual (one volume for website use and one for other uses) is now online at

Help is available for people who will be applying the logo and the "Thinking of the World" tagline to SFU print products, websites and everything from PowerPoint slides to posters, and from brochures to badges and balloons.

For print products of all kinds, consult Carol Knight and her team in SFU's Design Group ( They can advise you on how to meet the manual's requirements and will verify your final product before it goes to print.

For use of the brand on websites, and the new look-and-feel for SFU sites, your key contact is Steve Ray, web strategist in SFU Public Affairs and Media Relations ( He can help you make your website and its structure conform to the manual, and will verify your final product before it is posted. Webmasters will also have available to them "Smart Templates" developed by Michael Roberts of the Learning and Instructional Development Centre.

The graphic standards manual includes the new formats for letterhead, business cards, envelopes, and more. SFU Document Solutions has developed templates that will make it simple to order cards and stationery.

The Board of Governors stressed one more requirement: that the university not waste money by throwing away stocks of "old" letterhead and business cards. The policy is simply to replace them with the new-look versions as old stocks run out.

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