SFU leads pack in energy management

February 7, 2008

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By Diane Luckow

SFU ranks first for 2007 among 66 global post-secondary institutions participating in an ongoing performance appraisal of their energy-management practices and policies using EnVinta One-2-Five, an energy-management tool that drives sustainable energy practices for various organizations worldwide.

Under the local auspices of B.C. Hydro, participating institutions are evaluated annually using the system’s One-2-Five-star performance rating. EnVinta One-2-Five includes a range of diagnostic software tools to assess internal systems, procedures and leadership commitment affecting energy management. It also includes comprehensive interviews with senior institutional staff, which were conducted locally by B.C. Hydro.

SFU’s industry-leading benchmark rating of 2.75 (three stars) last year is almost one-and-a-half stars above the average for the higher-education sector, says Sam Dahabieh, SFU facilities services director. “This ranking audits our approach and commitment to energy conservation,” he explains. “The review process deals with our institutional leadership and how we go about reducing energy consumption.”

Over the past five years, SFU has reduced its energy consumption enough to avoid emitting 1,709 tonnes of greenhouse gas annually – equivalent to removing 342 cars from the road each year. Annual natural gas savings are equivalent to heating 285 homes, while electricity savings are enough to supply annual light and energy to 1,069 homes.

To achieve a four-star rating next year, SFU is planning several new initiatives such as formal energy-efficiency training for staff involved in design specification, procurement and supply-chain management. The university will also be setting key performance indicators for specific departments and assigning accountability for departmental energy use. Overall, SFU plans to reduce its energy consumption by 10 per cent in the next five years, despite recent and forecast campus growth.

The EnVinta One-2-Five energy system integrates with other internationally recognized management systems such as ISO14001 and ISO9000.
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