New book highlights women’s health

February 7, 2008

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Women and men have distinct health needs and concerns yet too often women’s health care is based on symptoms and treatments established for men.

SFU professors Marina Morrow and Olena Hankivsky, together with UBC professor Colleen Varcoe, are the first to address this issue in their book, Women’s Health in Canada: Critical Perspectives on Theory and Policy.

The first general textbook on women’s health, it is a resource for teaching and understanding women’s health in Canada. It includes contributions from 21 scholars in the field of women’s health, ranging from psychologists, sociologists, social workers, nurses, political scientists and policy makers to community activists and women’s groups.

“Our goals were to demonstrate the depth and breadth of scholarship on women’s health, to produce a resource for teachers and those working in the field of health and social sciences, and to influence public policy programs to take gender into consideration when formulating health policy,” explains Morrow, an assistant professor in the faculty of health sciences and co-director of the Institute for Critical Studies in Gender and Health.
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