Burnaby campus' new hazmat emergency plan

February 20, 2008

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SFU’s Burnaby campus has developed a hazardous materials (hazmat) emergency response plan to provide a strategy when planning for, responding to, and recovering from emergencies involving hazardous materials at the campus.

The plan identifies risks, assigns roles and responsibilities, and outlines steps to be followed in emergency situations.

The chairs and directors of all schools and departments that work with hazardous materials, campus VPs and deans and the science safety committee have all reviewed the plan.

The hazmat plan defines three levels of response, depending on the magnitude of an incident and the degree of containment of the released material.

A level 1 response can be managed by the individuals responsible for the spill. Level 2 and 3 responses require assistance from external agencies and personnel such as the Burnaby Fire Department Hazmat team.

The plan will be activated for all level 2 and 3 responses.

For all hazardous materials incidents, an initial risk assessment must be conducted to determine if evacuation is required, the level of evacuation (room, floor, building) and whether external assistance is required to contain the released material(s).

The Burnaby campus hazmat emergency response plan is posted online at
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