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February 22, 2007

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It was unveiled publicly just two weeks ago, but the two stewards of SFU's new brand say prior planning has prevented any major problems with incorporating it on the university's websites and printed media.

"It's gone pretty well," says Steve Ray, web strategist with Public Affairs and Media Relations (PAMR). He is overseeing website applications of the new red logo block with white university initials, SFU's full-name wordmark, and the tagline "Thinking of the world".

"We had contingency plans to deal with anything that might go wrong, but everything is progressing even better than we'd hoped."

"About the worst thing we've had to deal with is the demand from faculty and staff for access to the high-resolution logos. We were able to rectify this by changing the download permissions on the high-resolution graphics."

Carol Knight, with SFU's Design Group, is looking after print-related brand applications. She has seen no major problems either. "We've had minor cases of people wanting to produce materials that aren't aligned with the new standards, but most people are on the right page."

One hiccup that took time to resolve was a technical problem with fonts and templates for stationery that were available via, and had been distributed to faculties and departments on CD.

Says Steve Ray: "If you have downloaded or are using those documents or fonts from the CD, we recommend you delete them and download the current version at"

Meanwhile, student debate on the new logo continued in such web arenas as Of some 300 messages there as SFU News went to press, most were negative.

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