appointment of Judith Osborne as VP-legal affairs

Osborne appointed legal affairs VP

March 8, 2007

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SFU's board of governors has approved the appointment of Judith Osborne as VP-legal affairs. Osborne had been interim VP-legal affairs since April 1, 2006, following an upgrade of the associate VP-legal affairs portfolio to reflect the addition of key functions related to human resource operations. "I have every confidence that professor Osborne will continue to provide superb executive management of the university's legal affairs," says President Michael Stevenson.

Osborne has been a key member of the senior administrative team at SFU since July 1992 when she was appointed associate VP-academic. Since 2001 she has taken on increasingly complex and demanding roles in the university's legal portfolio, first as associate VP-policy, equity and legal, and then as associate VP-legal affairs. Osborne, who holds a master of laws degree from UBC, came to SFU in 1981 as an instructor in the School of Criminology. She eventually became the school's associate director and an associate professor. She also served as SFU's first harassment policy coordinator from 1989-92.

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