An apple a day

March 20, 2008

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March is nutrition month and SFU’s registered dietitian Rosie Dhaliwal reminds the campus community to check out the Best Bite program, which highlights healthier eating choices on campus.

"We know, from the 2007 National College Health Assessment, that 88 per cent of SFU students are not eating their recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables, according to Canada’s Food Guide," says Dhaliwal.

In locations such as the Renaissance cafés, Nature’s Deli and Crisp at the Cornerstone, healthy choices are marked with the Best Bite apple logo. There are also nine vending machines at the Burnaby campus filled only with healthier snack choices that are lower in fat, sugar and salt.

During March, students can also find free fruit in the waiting room at health and counselling services.

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