It's not easy bein' yellow

March 20, 2008

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Four endangered frogs from the Toronto Zoo caught a species-saving lift on leap day, Feb. 29, aboard a special London Air flight to Vancouver for a mating date at the Vancouver Aquarium.

The small Panamanian golden frog Atelopus zeteki is believed to be extinct in the wild due to a fungus that is killing frog species around the world.

SFU chancellor Brandt Louie, whose firm H.Y. Louie owns London Air, donated one of the company’s Learjets to chauffeur the frogs. They would have died if they had to wait on the frozen airport tarmac for a commercial flight.

"They were quite civil," says Louie, who accompanied the frogs. "They didn’t make a sound."

An international program is attempting to save Atelopus zeteki – and up to 1,000 other frog species – by breeding them at zoos and aquariums over the next 20 years until the fungus ages out of the environment.
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