SIAT student showcase, April 10

April 4, 2008

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Ginger Deverell, SIAT, 778-782-8130,

On Thursday April 10 from 6pm – 8:30pm the School of Interactive Arts + Technology (SIAT) at SFU Surrey will present 24 Interactive Technology and Design projects that explore innovation in social and cultural interaction. These projects highlight ways in which people connect with technology. Students design and develop concepts from ideation to implementation.

This year’s projects include:

  • E2, an immersive and interactive building model environment catering to the buyers and sellers of Vancouver’s hot real estate development market
  • A touch-screen interactive table top for restaurants enhancing the experience of ordering and customizing menu selection
  • SUSTAIN-A-STACK, an indoor gardening system that enhances the relationship between the user and their environment by allowing his/her to grow and monitor plant life in a convenient and efficient manner
  • Overture, an interactive cellphone role-playing-game that takes players through a vast metropolis as they explore rhythm, music and the space of the city
  • RBS, a recycling system created to encourage people to return their bottles by making it more convenient to reclaim their deposits
  • SpotFinder, an innovative multi-interface system for public parking that includes kiosk, mobile phone and internet access
  • Greenmo, an interactive plant pot that is designed to act as catalyst towards human-plant interaction through increasing awareness of the plant’s basic needs as well as their level of comfort with their current auditory surroundings
  • ARIAT, an Augmented Reality showcase that offers a new way of portfolio presentation
  • Bx, a backpack that protects a user's belongings in crowded environments
  • Android, a wearable computing dress that heightens the wearer’s sense of expression by integrating auditory feedback with respect to a dancer’s movements 

The projects have strong visual and graphical appeal, and the media are invited.

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