Terry Fox model

Found art

April 5, 2007

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Alongside the AQ sidewalk on the Burnaby campus is a found-objects sculpture made of old tennis equipment, vacuum cleaners and other day-to-day items that people use. It is a mirror image of the bronze statue on the other side of the sidewalk commemorating one of Canada's greatest heroes, Terry Fox.

It is first-year visual arts student Kyle Halliday's year-end project and it poignantly represents the everyday activities that the disabled and those with cancer can no longer enjoy.

"I've modeled it after the Terry Fox statue because it is a heroic image of this guy who ran across Canada after having cancer," says Halliday (above), whose mother's battle with breast cancer resulted in the loss of a leg and, now, brain cancer. "Every single day, people wth cancer and disabilities struggle with everyday things—and it's heart-breaking. But at the same time, they get up every day and they go through it, just like Terry Fox got up every day and ran across Canada. These are less-publicized battles, but they're equally heroic."

Students' visual art pieces are on campus until today, April 5.

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