SFU offers SofTel Internet phone service

April 15, 2008

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SFU community members can now purchase an SFU-branded edition of SofTel SIP softphone. The software application turns any Internet-connected Mac or PC equipped with a microphone/headset into a full-featured telephone, and any system with a webcam into a video-conferencing station.

The SoftTel software phone enables you to make telephone calls over the Internet using voice-over Internet-protocol, or VoIP, the same technology used by services such as Shaw Digital Phone.

But the SFU-branded SofTel client offers several advantages over other systems, including:
  • Better security.
  • Free five-digit dialing (e.g. 2,1234) of SFU numbers from anywhere worldwide (direct access to the SFU phone switch).
  • Free calls from anywhere worldwide to any number in the Vancouver local calling area.
  • Free calls from anywhere worldwide to any other SFU SoftTel users, regardless of their location.

The SFU Microcomputer Store is selling three-year licenses for SFU SoftTel to faculty and staff for $16.50, and to students, alumni and retirees for $25. (The university is subsidizing the faculty & staff version until Apr. 1, 2009.)

SFU SofTel is designed to run on Windows 2000/XP and Mac OSX 10.4 or higher systems equipped with a full-duplex sound card. It includes call waiting, call display, voicemail, six-way audio conferencing and videoconferencing capabilities.

You can use your SFU SofTel phone number from a desktop or laptop computer, via an Ethernet or wireless connection, at work, at home, or anywhere that has a minimum 64kbps Internet connection.

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