Derek Chew

Curiosity fuels silver medallist

June 1, 2007

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By Marianne Meadahl

In the midst of a transcript riddled with A+s in sciences, you’ll find a rare contingent of courses that have nothing to do with Derek Chew’s goal of becoming a doctor.

His explanation for fielding courses in archaeology and geography, or pursuing another in Latin, is that he is simply a curious guy who won’t shy away from a challenge. His all-round excellence has earned him a Governor General’s Silver Medal in the sciences.

While Chew’s ultimate goal is to become a physician, he hasn’t fast-tracked his undergraduate education, choosing instead to take extra time to participate in a number of research semesters and courses that were just too interesting to pass up.

"I always wanted to explore other fields, even just briefly," says Chew, (above) who also earned a certificate in liberal arts. "Latin was definitely cool. I’d love to travel to Peru one day so archaeology was also intriguing."

The molecular biology and biochemistry grad is currently working with the famed worms in SFU biologist David Baillie’s lab—not on space studies, but using them as models in the study of human diseases that affect the body’s ability to make energy.

Chew expects to find himself in medical school in the fall.

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