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SFU News has new home online

June 14, 2007

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By Stuart Colcleugh

After months of preparation and fine-tuning SFU News has broken away from its online mother ship, the Public Affairs and Media Relations (PAMR) homepage, and landed its own dedicated website, SFU News Online, at

PAMR has also reorganized and enhanced its website,, and expanded its SFU Facts page to a full-blown site, The facts page, designed by Eryn Holbrook of SFU’s Design Group, includes more than 150 facts in 12 separate categories and a new compilation of SFU statistics and graphs in
10 separate categories.

"SFU News Online is more than just a web version of Simon Fraser University News, like we had before" explains web strategist Annette de Vries, who did most of the make-over work on two of the three separate but related PAMR sites.

"It contains online extras not found in the print edition. And we’ve incorporated new functionality to help users find news more quickly and easily.

"Users can search recent stories using five different categories – people, sports, research, community and learning. And we’ve revamped the archives interface so they can find older stories faster and easier.

"The site will feature more frequent story updates, RSS feeds, larger photos, and it’s designed to expand easily and offer additional features and content in the future."

The PAMR site structure has been improved to offer more information, improved usability and new components including a frequently updated SFU-expert spotlight column and a hot topics list.

Don MacLachlan, SFU’s director of public affairs and media relations, says: "The upgrades to the PAMR site, and the new SFU Facts site, make it easier and faster for the public, reporters and the SFU community to find useful information about SFU.

"And the new SFU News site will be able to carry some extras such as background pieces and follow-ups to stories that ran in the print edition, and to carry stories and photos during the periods between semesters when SFU News does not come out in print."

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