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New Interfaith Centre serves more

June 28, 2007

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A new Interfaith Centre on campus is now open in the east AQ concourse. Director Seth Greenham says the centre outgrew its old space in the Maggie Benston building. A new chapel now seats about 90 worshippers; the previous chapel accommodated only 25. Greenham, who began working at the centre seven years ago, says there has been steady growth among all denominations. Seven years ago, the centre served about 150 students a week; today, 400 students a week use the facility. He attributes the growth to a more pro-active program among the Protestant and Catholic chaplains in partnership with student clubs and the addition of the Muslim faith, which serves about 60 students a week. "We’ve moved from a passive chaplaincy model to a serving-students model," he says. The new centre, which cost SFU approximately $650,000, includes a Catholic confessional and two Moslem ablution rooms, one for women and one for men. Watch for an open house early in the fall semester.

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