Same Dahabieh, Larry Waddell

Facilities services director Sam Dahabieh (left) and director of facilities development Larry Waddell in the beautiful ASSC1 courtyard where underground cisterns store water for landscape irrigation.

ASSC1 building earns Earth Award

July 10, 2008

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The new Burnaby campus Arts and Social Sciences Complex 1 (ASSC1) has won a coveted Earth Award from the Building Owners and Managers Association of British Columbia (BOMA B.C.).         

The Earth Award is the most prestigious and comprehensive program of its kind in commercial real estate, recognizing excellence in environmentally sound office building management and design.

"It’s an honour to be recognized by BOMA for the hard work and leadership that numerous people at the university have put towards taking the impact on the earth seriously," says Larry Waddell, SFU director of facilities development (above).

"And it’s a reflection of the university’s ongoing commitment to energy efficiency and green facilities management."

BOMA cited the $34-million, 7,500-square-metre building for its use of active and passive environmental systems and green construction materials:

  • Louvers shading summer sun while letting winter sun warm the building.
  • A cistern underneath the building’s inner courtyard that can store more than 50,000 gallons (227,000 litres) of rainwater for irrigating.
  • A heat-recovery system and direct-digital control system that enable operators to remotely monitor, control, alarm and diagnose building systems.
  • Variable-speed drives on pumps, fans, compressors to meet changing load requirements, reducing consumption and prolonging equipment life.
  • 50% recycled steel content in architectural columns and the substitution of as much as 50-per-cent fly-ash in place of cement for architectural concrete.
  • Skylights and energy-efficient lighting systems with a lighting intensity of only .75 watts per square foot.
  • Infrared sensors that shut off lighting and air conditioning in unoccupied spaces.

In 2007, BOMA recognized SFU as North America’s first post-secondary institution to achieve Go Green certification for 26 main buildings at its Burnaby campus. Efficiency is "strongly emphasized" at SFU, BOMA notes, adding "each faculty has its own coordinator who works closely with facilities personnel to ensure that energy efficiency is top of mind."
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