Ride-share program

Student Greg Campbell encourages SFU students, faculty and staff to join the new SFU ride-share program.

Share a ride to SFU

July 24, 2008

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In the face of mounting gas and parking costs, a team of students enrolled in Business 361 has spent the summer semester working with SFU parking services and the Jack Bell Foundation to organize a new commuter option for SFU students, staff and faculty.

Beginning July 23, anyone with an SFU e-mail address can register at a free ride-share website, sponsored by the Jack Bell Foundation, to search for ride-sharers in their neighbourhood.

Using the site ( is easy, says fourth-year communication student Greg Campbell. He’s one of a team of six students in the project-management course, which tasked students with finding ways of increasing sustainability at SFU.

Ride-share users identify their starting and ending locations on an embedded Google map. Then the website’s software system finds other commuters in the vicinity who are willing to share rides in their vehicle.

“You connect with them and make your own deal for compensation of gas and parking,” explains Campbell. “We’re hoping that it will increase community at SFU and reduce the number of vehicles coming to SFU.”

The students’ project builds on the work of a student group from the previous semester, which found that four out of five SFU drivers said ride-sharing would be a beneficial idea.

“The only hurdle we’ve had to overcome is worries about the people they’re getting into the car with,” says Campbell. “That’s why searches on the website can be restricted to people with an SFU e-mail address."

The project group enlisted the aid of SFU parking services to sign the administrative agreement with the Jack Bell Foundation.

David Agosti, manager of parking services, says his department will continue to sponsor and administer the program after the students have completed their project.
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