Leanne Dalton
Leanne Dalton, acting director of Student Central, says the new welcome centre is the go-to place on Burnaby campus for everyone from students to parents to visitors.

Burnaby opens welcome centre

September 4, 2008

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By Diane Luckow

It’s a concept that has been a long time coming – 43 years, in fact. SFU finally has a welcome centre, called Student Central, at the Burnaby campus.

"It’s a place where we can focus on students, prospective students, visitors and parents and tell them what SFU is about," explains acting centre director, Leanne Dalton.

"We can also talk to students about what’s going on at SFU today and this week. It’s a great concept because it’s focused on student involvement, success and engagement."

Located on the main floor of the Maggie Benston centre where the SFU Bookstore previously had its storefront, the spacious centre is a warm, welcoming environment. It has comfortable chairs and tables for small-group work, a countertop bar where students can plug in their laptops, and open-area workstations where people can meet with academic, financial or recruitment advisors.

"It’s a very flexible space," notes Dalton. "There’s an area set up for presentations, and campus tours start and stop from here."

Student Central is much more than a recruitment centre, she says. "It’s also about supporting students who are already here."

The centre will regularly host programs sponsored by academic advising, residence life, health and counselling, and WIL, the work integrated learning unit. Evening and weekend programs will attract students in residence and those in the nearby community.

Many of the centre’s staff members are students who serve as ambassadors, greeting visitors and assisting or socializing with other students.

Student Central is open all week, 9:00 am-7:00 pm Monday to Friday and 11:00 am-4:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

When visitors to campus need information or assistance, Dalton hopes employees and students will just say, "Go to Student Central."
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