Rez birds of a feather can flock together

September 4, 2008

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By Diane Luckow

Students living in residence this fall have a new way to expand their academic and environmental interests beyond the classroom and into their lives on campus.

For the first time, some students will have the option of living on a floor with others who share the same faculty or particular interests.

First-year students in sciences, arts, and social sciences will each have a floor to themselves, as will students in upper-division business courses. Upper-division students interested in environmental and sustainability issues will also have a floor of their own.

"Part of the success of living in residence comes from the ability to continue academic discussions outside of class," says Chris Rogerson, assistant director of residence life. "When students come together in a group they can form a stronger bond."

Rogerson is planning to partner with the faculties to bring increased access to information and resources for students living on faculty floors. A student leader on each floor, for example, will listen to students’ needs and then work with academic advisors to bring in resources and champion common interests.

Students living on the environment and sustainability floor, says Rogerson, might begin composting, find ways to reduce their carbon imprint or join Sustainable SFU. "Seventeen to 19 people with a common interest have the potential to create a transformative living and learning experience," he says.

Rogerson plans to track students’ academic progress to see if living on a faculty floor improves their grades. If it does, he says students can look forward to more faculty floors next semester.
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