Daniel Moxon

Daniel Moxon, centre, and his band members Jon Bunyan (left) and Naben Ruthnum (right)

Moxon’s music reaps recording contract

October 16, 2008

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Part-time staffer Daniel Moxon works 25 hours a week at SFU’s Vancouver campus audio-visual department and often spends additional hours as a music composer and sound designer with the Learning and Instructional Development Centre’s media department.

The flexibility of the two jobs is important to Moxon, an SFU Film alumnus who is seriously pursuing a music career.

This month marks his biggest accomplishment to date—a new recording album by his band, Bend Sinister, called Stories of Brothers Tales of Lovers, to be released Oct. 21 by Distort Records of Toronto. Moxon is the vocalist, songwriter, guitar and keyboard player for the five-person group.

"This is our biggest release—almost a major release," says Moxon. Bend Sinister has produced three previous recordings but this one "will be reaching a far larger audience than ever before because of the label that’s backing it."

Distort gave him a $25,000 budget to hire extra musicians and back-up singers for the 14-song album of rock tunes with overtones of pop and Indy rock. "I’ve heard it. It’s sensational," says SFU Film professor Colin Browne. "Everyone’s pretty excited."

On Saturday, Oct. 25, Bend Sinister will perform the album at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver before setting off on a one-and-a-half month tour through western Canada. They’re planning a month-long European tour in February 2009.

It’s a big step forward for 25-year-old Moxon, who completed his film degree by age 20.

"My ultimate career goal is to be completely self-sustaining from doing creative musical endeavours," he says, "whether composing for films or making money from touring an event." A marriage of the two, he says, would be even sweeter. More:
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