Record first-year enrolment

October 16, 2008

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The final fall 2008 enrolment numbers have been tabulated and it’s official: this year’s freshman class is SFU’s largest ever, with 5,421 first-year students at the end of September.

That’s substantially more than the university’s goal of 4,889 and a slight increase over last September’s enrolment. Total undergraduate enrolment this year is 22,817, a 4.7-per cent increase over last fall.

The total graduate student headcount was also up by 1.3 per cent over last year, to 4,265 students, led by a 3.7-per-cent (1,150) increase in new graduate students.

"One of the most exciting things to come out of the numbers is that our new health sciences faculty continues to attract students at a remarkable rate," says Patrick Lougheed, acting associate director, enrolment amanagement. "They enrolled 71 per cent more undergraduate students and 35 per cent more graduate students than they had this time last year."

Among the other trends to note:
  • The number of international students as a percentage of the undergraduate population is now nine per cent, up from eight per cent last year and approaching the 10 per cent target.
  • The number of new students transferring from B.C. colleges increased by three per cent over last fall. UBC and UVic had fewer transfer students than they did last year.
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