Lighting the way

October 16, 2008

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The Burnaby campus is one of the first locations in the Lower Mainland to install LED street lighting. The new lights are as bright as traditional fixtures but use less than half the energy. They’re also expected to last more than 10 years, four times longer than the existing lamps. The new fixtures are 60 percent more expensive, says Dana Sundmark, SFU’s electrical superintendent, but the savings in energy and manpower means the university will see a return on investment in just three years.

The new fixtures are ‘downlights’ that focus light on the street and sidewalk. "Right now, much of our street lighting shines up into the sky," he says. "That’s a no-no with modern lighting design; it adds to light pollution."

So far there are 27 new street lights on University Drive north of West Mall and the Library, and on Science Road. Sundmark would like to see all SFU street, walkway and parking lot lights replaced with the new fixtures. "They are a much more sustainable solution to enhance night visibility, safety and security on campus".
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