Nancy Olewiler

Economists say: Set a carbon price

October 16, 2008

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More than 230 academic economists. including a number from SFU, signed an open letter to Canada’s political party leaders before the Oct. 14 election urging them to acknowledge that putting a price on carbon is "the best approach" to combatting global climate change.

"We just wanted to clear the air about these issues," says SFU economist Nancy Olewiler, one of the letter’s originators. "It’s supply and demand. We have been teaching this since Adam Smith."

Other SFU signatories included Richard Lipsey (internationally acclaimed professor emeritus), Gregory Dow, Jane Friesen, Dominique Gross, Mark Jaccard, David Jacks, Peter Kennedy (professor emeritus), Jon Kesselman, Duncan Knowler, Brian Krauth, Steve Mongrain, Krishna Pendakur, John Richards, Nicolas Schmitt and Simon Woodcock.

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More than 120 scientists issued a news release urging Canadians to vote strategically for the environment in the election, noting a critical juncture in Canadian history.

"Economists around the world agree. There is only one way to deal with global warming. And that is to put a price on emissions. This can be done through either a carbon tax, a cap and trade system, or both."

Those who signed from SFU include Gwenn Flowers (Earth Sciences), Tim Takaro (Health Sciences), Torsten Moeller (Computing Science) and Karen Kohfeld (School of Resource and Environmental Management).
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