October 29, 2008

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WinterFest at the Burnaby campus is an apt reminder that winter does come to the mountain.

Learn how to prepare for severe weather conditions, hear about SFU’s revised plans for severe weather events and get tips on personal preparedness:

11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Wednesday November 5, 2008
Convocation Mall

“People coming to the Burnaby campus forget that the conditions up here can be quite different from what they are in Richmond or White Rock,” says Darrell Akerstrom, associate emergency planner. “WinterFest is our effort to inform students, staff and faculty about new emergency winter services that include emergency alerts and severe-weather traffic-management initiatives. There will also be information about where to find food, first aid and emergency shelter for those who may become snowbound.”

The event includes information about where to get updates on public transit and road conditions, how to receive emergency announcements and updates, how to winterize your vehicle and winter-driving tips.

Akerstrom invites all to join in for a warm drink and a cookie, and take a turn on games such as Rockband and Wii Sports, in between gathering winter safety tips and some free emergency supplies.

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