Getting set for winter: Snow Gates to Improve Traffic Flow

October 30, 2008

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SFU motorists who spent up to four hours grid-locked atop Burnaby mountain in last February’s big snowstorm will be happy to know that SFU is installing snow gates this fall for improved traffic control.

"After the snowstorm last year, we received community feedback suggesting snow gates for the parking lots," says Apollonia Cifarelli, director of environmental health and safety. "With so many cars on the roads during the snowstorm, it was impossible for facilities services to clear and maintain the roads. The result was that very few vehicles were able to move up or down the mountain."

Twelve new snow gates, costing approximately $50,000, will be manned by facilities services staff in coordination with campus security. They’ll ensure a controlled release of traffic out of parking lots and will direct the vehicles to the safest route down the mountain.

Cifarelli suggests that any motorist with a serious reason for leaving campus while the gates are closed should contact campus security ahead of time.
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